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Additional Testing & Services

Our additional services and testing are created to provide homeowners with peace of mind.


Methamphetamine Testing

It only takes one instance of meth usage to contaminate a property. Meth contamination is invisible to the naked eye, odorless, and can linger for years without a diminished effect.

Radon Gas


A radon test is taken to determine the amounts of radon inside the house. Radon is a radioactive gas that is caused by the breakdown of uranium in the ground. Because radon is a gas, it will flow from the ground up through the house. As it enters the house it can become trapped causing higher amounts of radon to collect inside the house. 


Mold Air Spore Testing

It is no secret that mold in homes can add a hiccup in a sale of a home. If you have had a previous leak or water damage we would recommend doing a mold test so you can rest easy knowing there s no dangerous mold in your home.

Main Sewer Line


A main sewer line inspection is a tool used to determine the material and condition of the main sewer line

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