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Our Inspection

Under Contract?

Congratulations! We recommend you get your inspection scheduled early so you have plenty of time to review the results before your deadline. Schedule today!

Modern House
Industrial Building

Residential Home Inspection

We believe that buying a home is one of the single most important moments in a person's life. We want to do our part in the process to make it easy and as painless as possible.

Commercial Building Inspection

The Nook & Kranny Commercial Building Inspection is an unbiased, comprehensive, and full-service option for prospective property owners.

Wood Frame of House

New Construction Inspection

Ensure that the construction of your new home is of the highest quality with our 4-Way New Construction Building Inspection. Let us evaluate what's under and behind the surface before it gets covered up for good!

11-Month Builders Warranty Inspection

Buying a new home doesn't always mean there won't be any issues. That's why most builders offer a one-year warranty guaranteeing they will fix any issues that come up with your new home. But before it does, we recommend getting the home fully inspected.


Pre-Listing Inspection

Get ahead of the curve on your home's condition before you price and sell your home. A pre-listing inspection includes everything that is in a residential inspection and includes the opportunity to discuss inspection findings with an inspector.

Partial Inspection

Not sure if you need a full inspection? We offer "à la carte"  inspections as well! Give our office a call to schedule a roof inspection, infrared inspection, or any main systems of the home!

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